Little Dragon Patches
How Do I Earn My Patches?
By completing each one of the 10 skills correctly!

Blocks - Block and Punch 1-10 (All blocks must be correctly performed).

Kicks -  5 -  Kicks correctly performed (Front Snap Kick, RoundHouse Kick, Ax Kick, Wheel Kick (Inside- Out Kick), Cross Behind Side Kick).

Stances - 5 -  Stances correctly performed (Chariot, Jumbi, Front Stance, Walking Stance, Back Stance).

Balance - Standing on one foot with the other foot raised up, knee to belt level at a 90degree angle for 10 seconds without any movement. Must be able to do both legs.

Forms - Full Ki Cho Il Bo Form -  performed correctly.

Attention -Must be able to stand at attention(perfectly still) for 1 minutes without moving, talking or being distracted in any way.

Listening - Must be able to complete obstacle course with 10 commands all done correctly.

Discipline -Instructor must note student's ability of self-control, use of time and task completion skills.

Stretching - Must be able to touch toes without bending the knees, touch outstretched hand with toes without bending knees or arms, touch toes while sitting, roll over and touch insteps behind the head with straight legs, and roll forward with arms around knees without falling over.

Respect - Instructor must see that the student bows to higher belts and black belts without being reminded to do so, must answer yes sir/ no sir, must have parent's agreement that respect is being shown at home.